Our Process

All our products undergo strict quality checks at every stage of production. Employing state-of-the-art equipment such as the Microtrac S3500 Particle Size Analyzer (for determining the exact size of each particle) and the Nikon Eclipse ME600 stereo microscope (for examining the shape of each micron particle), we ensure that every batch shipped out is as per the exact specifications as demanded by the customer.

Offering a quality product is the foundation of our enterprise at Dev Group. Our product quality has opened doors for us around the world: supplying from the world’s largest manufacturers of diamond blades to the world’s fastest-growing diamond tool distributers. If it is a high-end diamond tool company, they are more than likely buying from us. Oftentimes, Dev Group is the only supplier of diamond powder and industrial diamonds for clients – this is a sign of our buyer’s confidence in our product and trust for our company. We hope to uphold this honor and serve you in the near future!

Physical & chemical analysis of raw material
Grade distribution
Consistency in shape characteristics
Precise mesh-sizing