Who we are

As one of the world’s largest processor and supplier of natural and synthetic diamond powder in the abrasives industry, Dev Group’s name has become known for quality, consistency, dependability, and extraordinary service. Over the past 25 years, we have catered to customers all over the world. With headquarters in Belgium, USA and India, we have the ability to reach out to you – no matter where you may be. Dev Group also aids in banking and logistics, using our established infrastructure in the industry to ensure that you have a seamless customer experience.

Dev Group is compliant with the Kimberley Process and the United Nations resolutions which govern this process. This process is a government regulated system adopted in 2000 by more than 40 countries, the United Nations, and the diamond industry to control the export and import of rough diamonds across borders. It requires that rough diamonds mined after January 1, 2003 be shipped in tamper-resistant containers and accompanied by government-validated Kimberley Process Certificates. Only participating countries may legitimately export rough diamonds — and only to co-participating countries.

Dev Industrial Corp is licensed by the USKPA and authorized to use U.S. Kimberley Process certificates for the purpose of exporting rough diamonds from the USA.

Global reach

With our state-of-the-art factory, rigorous quality-control standards, extensive product range and competitive prices we have been a leading diamond powder supplier for over two decades.

Our experience in the market allows us to provide our customers with customized orders, quality products and an efficient service.

Your trusted supplier

At Dev Group we like to work hard, and it shows in our work. As a family-owned business, each of us is personally involved in ensuring that our clients feel at home. We push ourselves to the outer limits to do what is best for our customers, and out of this commitment comes the highest quality work that we can deliver.

We are consciously aware of our responsibilities as a supplier; we are aware that our products are critical to the manufacturing processes of other industries. We respect our role in the process, and therefore you can be rest-assured that we always stick to deadlines, with no room for flexibility.